The Bishop’s Wife

In this centennial year of Hugo Friedhofer’s birth, we are pleased to present this premiere compact disc release of music from the original tracks of THE BISHOP’S WIFE, a work that film music historian Tony Thomas regarded as the composer’s “most charming score.” This is the second Friedhofer original score in the BYU Film Music Archives Soundtrack Series following the earlier CD of BROKEN ARROW.

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Broken Arrow

When Twentieth Century-Fox released BROKEN ARROW in late July 1950, the film had been completed for nearly a year. Darryl F. Zanuck, in charge of production at Fox, was waiting to see if James Stewart appealed to the public in his first Western, Universal’s WINCHESTER 73, which was made after BROKEN ARROW but released a little over one month ahead of the Fox film.

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A 50th Anniversary Tribute

Composers are a jealous lot. The insecurity of the work makes them that way. Fearful that they will not be able to come up with it again the next time they are called on to create meaning and emotion out of thin air and mere sounds, they are inclined to look on the music of their colleagues and find it wanting. This is to assure themselves that, at least on a comparative scale,… Read more »

Boy on a Dolphin

Regarding film music in general, one might say that it is not in the nature of a film score to be wholly autonomous. In this respect it differs from music written for concert hall presentation in much the same way that a design for a stage setting differs from an easel painting. For example, a film score conceived with as much detail, or as richly textured as the Fourth Symphony of Brahms (we… Read more »

The Best Years of Our Lives

Although all of the arts tend to prey on one another for inspiration, the cinema, and in particular Hollywood based cinema, has perhaps proven to be the least capable of spontaneous generation. For every film that has sprung from an original conception envisaged from the outset as a movie, there are at least several dozen that have been inspired from an outside source, most often a novel but sometimes a play. The BEST… Read more »