Joan of Arc

This film is a re-telling of the famous story of Joan of Arc, otherwise known as the ‘Maid of Orléans.’ She was a historical character, born around 1412 and dying at the stake 30 May 1431, and has been the subject of several films and a great deal of literature, both fact and fiction. This […]

The Best Years of Our Lives

Searingly poignant and joyously tender, William Wyler’s production of THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES remains a soaring testament to the sacrifice and heroism of “the greatest generation,” returning home to the uneasy reality they’d fought to preserve and protect. The country was at once grateful, and unforgiving in their welcoming of the troops who […]

Edge of Doom

Hugo Friedhofer has again exceeded the requirements by providing not only necessary support to the scenario but also music well worth listening to in its own right. His treatment of Martin Lynn’s long-standing grudge against an elderly priest is constantly sure-handed and sensitive, and the attached excerpt is typical of the independent musical validity prevailing. […]