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We have been passionate & creative film music aficionados for many years and our dream was to launch a web site for Hugo Friedhofer who has a lasting impact on his fans. The hope is to be able to have this web site serve as a comprehensive resource of material about an American composer best known for his motion picture scores.

Special thanks go to the following for their help and support

Ross Care

Composer & Author. Has composed scores for several shorts films by John Canemaker and much theater and vocal music. As a writer Ross is a specialist on film music from the studio era, circa 1950/1965 & Disney music & composers of classic animation era. Most recent article: “A Cowboy Has to Sing: John Ford’s WAGONMASTER” in MUSIC IN THE WESTERN – NOTES FROM THE FRONTIER, Kathryn Kalinak, editor, ROUTLEDGE Music & Screen Media Series, 2012.

Randall D. Larson

Randall D. Larson was the editor and publisher of CinemaScore: The Film Music Journal from 1981 to 1987, and for many years thereafter senior editor and reviewer for Soundtrack Magazine until its demise in 2002. He was “The Score” columnist for Cinefantastique magazine from 1983 to 1999 and has written several books in the fields of film music, cinema, and science fiction, fantasy & horror literature. Randall currently writes the Soundtrax column for buysoundtrax.com, and is the author of nearly 200 liner note commentaries for specialty soundtrack albums. For more information, see www.musiquefantastique.com

John Steven Lasher

Film producer, director, editor; music producer; composer, arranger, conductor; music publisher; photographer; graphic designer. John formed his own record label (Entr’acte Recording Society) in Chicago. and in the past 35-years John has produced many fine recordings on several independent labels, including the film scores (newly recorded) from “The Best Years of Our Lives”, “King Kong” (1933 RKO film), “Citizen Kane”, “The Magnificent Ambersons” among others.

Lawrence Morton

A pioneer in the field of film-music and brilliant concert organizer (particularly of contemporary music) active in Los Angeles from the early 1950s. He was director of the Monday Evening Concerts, artistic director of the Ojai Festival and curator of music at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He maintained particularly close relationships with Igor Stravinsky and Ingolf Dahl.

Doug Raynes

Miklos Rozsa Society Associate, Soundtrack magazine collaborator and reviewer, CD liner note writer and founding member of runmovies.eu.

Hans Sørensen

Hans Sørensen: Artistic planner for the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Steve Vertlieb

A former on-air TV reviewer of film, and prolific writer , Steve’s learned and literate dissertations on cinema over the last nearly half-century have made him a much sought after consultant on numerous projects, including an appearance in the 2006 award winning documentary KREATING KARLOFF, and as consultant on Warner Bros. 75th Anniversary Restoration of MERION C. COOPER’s original KING KONG. Widely considered one of the nation’s foremost experts on the legendary “Great Ape”, his numerous articles on the subject (including the lead chapter in the still definitive volume THE GIRL IN THE HAIRY PAW) is referenced to this day by film makers, teachers and cinema students the world over.

William H. Rosar

Founder and President of California not-for-profit Society for the Preservation of Film Music 1984–1990 (6 years) to preserve the physical materials of motion picture music in archival repositories and develop public awareness of film music as a unique art form. As Executive Director developed film industry relations (Paramount, Columbia) and library/computer cataloging system for film music materials in accordance with the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules. Editor and Founder JOURNAL OF FILM MUSIC 2002 – Present (13 years) Developed and launched first academic journal devoted to the study of film music in 2002 (Equinox Publishing, Sheffield, England).


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