Celluloid Fanfare V: Hugo Friedhofer

Celluloid-Fanfare-V-Hugo-FriedhoferI composed “Celluloid Fanfare V” as my tribute to Hugo Friedhofer, arguably the most respected composer to have worked in Hollywood during the early to mid-20th century. Hugo, who orchestrated the scores of Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Max Steiner, among others, was highly respected by his peers. In 1947 Hugo received an Oscar for his original score for “The Best Years of Our Lives”, which presently ranks fifth in a survey taken by the American Film Institute of the 100 greatest film scores of all time. My fanfare, in the key of C-Major, is scored for brass and percussion.

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2 thoughts on “Celluloid Fanfare V: Hugo Friedhofer

  1. Thanks for posting. The YouTube video features this fanfare, one of a series dedicated to my composer colleagues.

  2. Someone complained to me that the music sounded ‘constipated.’ I should note for the record that because the sound file is a recreation of the music score on Finale software the sounds are synthesised. With real instruments, however, it would sound properly.

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