Gothic Prelude

On this page you can hear the concert premier of Hugo Friedhofer’s “Gothic Prelude”, a prelude from the roadshow version of the movie JOAN OF ARC (1948). Friedhofer wrote it for his daughter in a four hand piano version and Hans Bernstein (Harold Byrns) later orchestrated it for the movie. Hans Sørensen, artistic planner for the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, got the score from a book shop in L.A. and programed it for the premiere concert performance by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Hugh Wolff in Copenhagen.

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  1. John Steven Lasher Reply

    What a thrilling piece. Proves what a superb composer Hugo was.

  2. backlinks Reply

    A gallery of photos from the recent show at The Gothic Theater in Denver, CO has been posted on The Prelude Press website.

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