Joan of Arc

This film is a re-telling of the famous story of Joan of Arc, otherwise known as the ‘Maid of Orléans.’ She was a historical character, born around 1412 and dying at the stake 30 May 1431, and has been the subject of several films and a great deal of literature, both fact and fiction. This […]

The Best Years of Our Lives

Searingly poignant and joyously tender, William Wyler’s production of THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES remains a soaring testament to the sacrifice and heroism of “the greatest generation,” returning home to the uneasy reality they’d fought to preserve and protect. The country was at once grateful, and unforgiving in their welcoming of the troops who […]

A Compositional and Orchestral Genius

Some of the greatest orchestral music ever composed in this country has been lost forever or attenuated into a shadow of its former self for inclusion into the motion picture for which it was written. I’m referring of course to the music composed for many of the classic [and not-so-classic] movies especially during the great […]

Hugo’s Pearls

A World Premiere of original compositions by the late Hugo Friedhofer that were recently discovered by Eleanor Angel. These previously undiscovered “attic wonders” will be performed by Eleanor Angel (viola) and Kumiko Uyeda (piano). Uncle Hugo said “Writing for Hollywood is like fake pearls for genuine swine”. Thus the title for this collection is Hugo’s […]

Interview with Hugo Friedhofer

David Raksin, the Oscar-nominated composer of LAURA, THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and dozens of other film and television scores, was writer and host of his own KUSC program in Los Angeles, The Subject is Film Music, in the 1970s. It included tribute shows to Korngold, Steiner, Newman… who were then gone, but had live […]

The Bishop’s Wife

In this centennial year of Hugo Friedhofer’s birth, we are pleased to present this premiere compact disc release of music from the original tracks of THE BISHOP’S WIFE, a work that film music historian Tony Thomas regarded as the composer’s “most charming score.” This is the second Friedhofer original score in the BYU Film Music Archives Soundtrack Series following the earlier CD of BROKEN ARROW.

Broken Arrow

When Twentieth Century-Fox released BROKEN ARROW in late July 1950, the film had been completed for nearly a year. Darryl F. Zanuck, in charge of production at Fox, was waiting to see if James Stewart appealed to the public in his first Western, Universal’s WINCHESTER 73, which was made after BROKEN ARROW but released a little over one month ahead of the Fox film.

Interview with James D’Arc

James V. D’Arc is Curator of the Brigham Young University Film Music Archive in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections of the Harold B Lee Library at BYU. Established in 1996, the Film Music Archives contains materials that BYU began collecting more than two decades ago. First acquired were the files and recordings of Republic […]

Friedhofer & Fantasy

One of the finest orchestrators of Hollywood’s Golden Age was Hugo Friedhofer, who worked on hundreds of films since 1930 as orchestrator, composer, or co-composer, mostly without screen credit. He got his start in Hollywood in 1929, becoming a session player for Fox Studios, and later moved to Warner Bros as an orchestrator, deftly expanding […]

Interview with Ray Faiola

As owner-operator of Chelsea Rialto Studios, Ray Faiola has restored for release over 75 motion picture soundtrack scores. Ray is also a professional 16mm film collector and is Director of Audience Services for the CBS Television Network. He is entering his 35th year of employment with the “Eye” network. Ray is also a professional stage […]